“No business should hinder you from doing good for the coming world, hence, surely, the length of opportunity is a very short time.”
Imam Ali (a) Qurar-ul-Hikam, p. 335

Salaamun Alaykum.

InshaAllah, on Sunday, Dec. 3rd, students in 7A and 8A, whose parents have provided consent, will go on a field trip to volunteer at United Muslim Women of Canada Family Food Bank. As part of this activity students will work with donations of winter essentials for families in need. It is getting cold now and it is sad that there are many families who cannot afford winter items. If you would like to donate new, unused winter items, please drop them off this Sunday before 12 noon at the table inside Gate of Sadiq (Door #6). For more info, see flyer prepared by our Student Council.

To commemorate the upcoming wafat of Bibi Fatema Zahra (a), several Al-Haadi Study Centre classes along with As-Sadiq Islamic School are working on exhibits for Ummul Aimah Museum which will chronicle the events of Bibi’s life. The exhibits will inshaAllah, be on display at JCC, Marhaba Hall, on Sunday, Dec. 10th. All parents are invited to view the exhibits.

Due to very low number of parents signing up, the Dec. 10th session titled “Tuning In: A Parent’s Roadmap to Recognizing Mental Health Issues in Kids” has been cancelled. For those who signed up, thank you and please send an e-mail to support@al-haadi.ca for info on this topic.

Registration for Term 2 Lunch program will, inshaAllah, open on Dec. 4th.

Key Upcoming Dates

Dec. 4: Registration opens for Term 2 Lunch Program
Dec. 10: Ummal Ayyimah Walk-Through Museum (exhibits prepared by students)
Dec. 24 & 31: closed for winter break
Dec. 31: Registration closes for Term 2 Lunch Program
Jan. 7: Classes resume

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send to admin@al-haadi.ca .


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