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Bibi Zainab Wiladat Celebration and Pizza Lunch

December 2nd, 2022|0 Comments

"A believer never stops inculcating knowledge and manners to all his family members, young or elderly, slave and even neighbor till he makes them reach paradise."        Imam Sadiq a.s Mustadrak 12/200, Daeemul Islam Read more

Drop off, Early pickup and Late Policy

November 12th, 2022|0 Comments

"Opportunity is quick to pass on, and slow to come back" Imam Ali (a) Mizaanul Hikmah Salaamun Alaykum Want to know what your child is learning every week? Want to help your child stay on Read more

About Al-Haadi

Our Aim

1. Working in partnership with all stakeholders: Parents, students, teachers, volunteers and the community at large.

2. Ensuring all stakeholders feel safe, respected and welcome.

3. Delivering a balanced, evolving and standardized curriculum to students, relevant assessment tools and reporting measures as well as effective teacher training.

4. Promoting excellence in piety, seeking knowledge and excellent conduct (Makaarim Al-Akhlaq), which are as follows:

مَسْؤُولِيَّة Responsibility
جُهْد Effort
إِحْتِرَام Respect
أَخَوِيَّة Care

Management Committee – Al-Haadi Principal – Al-Haadi Vice Principal – Al-Haadi Lead Coordinator