Salaamun alaykum.

Classes as usual on May 12, starting at 10:45 am and it is the last day to submit assignments/assessments for inclusion in honours awards and final reports.
Students in Grade 12 will not be able to graduate if criteria communicated at start of the year is not met. Students in grades 9-11 who receive LA (limited achievement, i.e., <60%) in Dinyat Term 1, or Term 2 will not be able to move to next grade unless missed assignments are completed via Tarbiyah Digital Portal (TDP) by July 31st.

Madrassah will be closed on May 19 due to Victoria Day long weekend. We will also be closed on May 26 due to impact on student focus and safety arising from As-Sadiq carnival which will be held at JCC at the same time. InshaAllah, after this Sunday, the next class will be on June 2. Pizza will be provided on June 2nd in lieu of May 26 for those who have signed up for pizza program.

Key upcoming dates:
May 12: Last day to submit assessments/homework for final report
May 19: Closed (Victoria Day public holiday)
May 26: Closed
June 2: Last day for Term 2 Pizza lunch program
June 2: G10-12 Girls & G11-12 Boys Ghusl/kafan demo
June 9: Backup day for G9-12 Ghusl/kafan demo
June 16: Closed (day of Arafah)
June 23 Annual Awards and Graduation event
June 30 – Sept. 7: Summer Holidays
Aug. 1: Registration opens for retuning & Grade 1 students
Aug. 15: Registration opens for new students
Sept. 8: Madrassah re-opens

We thank you for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send to .


Fatima Khimji    &     Amjad Datoo
Principal                     Vice Principal

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