“No business should hinder you from doing good for the coming world, hence, surely, the length of opportunity is a very short time.”                         Imam Ali (a) Qurar-ul-Hikam, p. 335

Salaamun Alaykum.

Many thanks to parents who sent appreciation messages last week to Teachers and Admin volunteers…your feedback is very much appreciated.

To commemorate the upcoming wafat of Bibi Fatema Zahra (a), several Al-Haadi Study Centre classes along with As-Sadiq Islamic School are working on exhibits for Ummul Aimah Museum which will chronicle the events of Bibi’s life. The exhibits will inshaAllah, be on display at JCC, Marhaba Hall, from Friday, Dec. 8th to Sunday, Dec. 10th.

All parents are invited to view the museum on Sunday, Dec. 10 as well as participate in a Partnering for Success seminar to be conducted by our Social Worker, Br. Ali Raza Hasan Ali:
Title: Tuning In: A Parent’s Roadmap to Recognizing Mental Health Issues in Kids
Date: Sunday, Dec. 10
Time: 10:45 am – 12 noon.
Please sign up for the session by Wed. Nov. 29th using link  https://forms.gle/V2DSrxm9cpRroDk36
If there is insufficient interest, the session will be cancelled.
If the above link does not work, please type in the following on a web browser and click enter:
https://forms.gle/V2DSrxm9cpRroDk36 .

Reminder: Parents assistance is requested….

a.  Missing snacks/lunch
Several students are coming without a snack or lunch, nor any money to purchase limited number of pizza slices. They are asking volunteers for snacks or trying to get from other students. Kindly send a nut free snack with your child(ren) as we do not have the budget to provide snacks/lunch for all students.

To raise funds for our Sponsor an Orphan campaign, on Nov. 26, the girls in Grade 12, Youth Forum class will sell some nut-free snacks during lunch break for grades 8-12 girls classes (cost: $0.50 – $1).

Registration for Term 2 Lunch program will, inshaAllah, open on Dec. 10th. If you have any suggestions for lunch program menu, please send them by Nov. 30th to admin@al-haadi.ca, subject: “Lunch program suggestions”.

b. Students not observing dress code
Boys need to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. Baligha girls need to wear abayya and head covering which covers all the hair, and no makeup or fake nails/nail polish.

c. Students who are misbehaving in class
Alhamdulillah, majority of our students are showing excellent akhlaq. However, a few students are playing around with items that do not belong to them, showing disrespect to teachers, and/or causing distractions. This is not good akhlaq and impacts the learning for other students. Kindly re-iterate to your children to behave. Students who are not identified as having an IEP or medical condition will be given two warnings and if the disturbance continues, he/she will be moved out of the classroom to work on the lesson independently. If the behaviour continues, parent will be called to pick up the child. Last call to advise us if your child has an IEP or needs accommodation …. log onto www.al-haadi.ca and update the child info today. 

Key Upcoming Dates

Dec. 10: Ummal Ayyimah Walk-Through Museum (exhibits prepared by students)
Dec. 10: Partnering for Success Parents Session: Tuning In: A Parent’s Roadmap for Recognizing Mental Health Issues in Kids (10:45 – 12 noon)
Dec. 10: Registration opens for Term 2 Lunch Program
Dec. 24 & 31: closed for winter break
Dec. 31: Registration closes for Term 2 Lunch Program

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send to admin@al-haadi.ca .


Fatima Khimji    &     Amjad Datoo
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