“Whoever relieves a believer’s worries, God will relieve his heart on the Day of Resurrection.
                   Imam Ali ar-Ridha(a)            al Kafi, vol. 2, pg 200

Salaamun Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah, classes for 2021-2022 have completed. We are looking forward to seeing everyone who has RSVPed in Zainabiya Hall, JCC, 9000 Bathurst Street, inshaAllah, on Sunday, June 26, 2022 10:30 AM – 1:15 PM for a fun onsite year end awards and graduation celebration. See details below.

InshaAllah, final report cards will be available via parents portal in www.al-haadi.ca by June 30th.

We need volunteers for 2022/2023 session; join our awesome Al-Haadi team by filling out the Volunteers Application form: https://forms.gle/MW3STaio5PkC9Q6N8 .

This update includes:
1. June 26 Year End Awards & Graduation onsite event
2. Key Upcoming Dates

June 26 Year End Awards & Graduation Celebration

Many thanks to the parents and volunteers who have sent the RSVP and feedback. Our awesome volunteers have prepared a celebration to recognize student and volunteer achievements, provide highlights of the year, and plans for 2022-2023.

– Graduates to arrive by 10:15 am (in ante room between Masjid & Zainabiya hall)
– Students & guests to arrive by 10:30 am to allow time to settle into place, before  ceremony starts by10:40 am
– Grade 1-4 students enter by Door #6 and keep shoes in hallway between Zainabiya Hall & Gym (pickup at end of program will be from main floor classrooms), others to enter from Door #1 (females) and Door #2 (males).
– All to be in Zainabiya hall for the first part of the program; note that food cannot be eaten in Zainabiya Hall.
– Students to sit with classmates… see sign for the class.  Grades 1-4 to sit on the ladies side.
– All students who attend will, inshaAllah, receive a gift and voucher(s) for reward stamps.
– Islamic dress code is mandatory; baligha female students to wear abbaya, boys to wear long sleeve shirt and long pants.
– Grades 1-4 students will go to classrooms on main floor after first part of ceremony (approx. 12 noon), to eat lunch and do activities. If parents would like to take Grades 1-4 students home after 1st part, please advise the Teacher. Parents to pickup up Grades 1-4 students from main floor classrooms.
– Lunch:  Pizza for Grades 1-4 & those who requested vegetarian; burger & fries for others.
– Lunch for grades 5 and up, and guests will be served at the end of program near Door #1 and #2. Guests can then go downstairs to socialize and eat in Marhaba Hall. Ice creme will be served in classrooms for G1-4 students and in Marhaba Hall for all others.
– If Tarbiyah storybooks or Band C-F textbooks have been loaned, please return them at the station at the back of the hall.

Link to form for Parents: https://forms.gle/QtpK5dTxEXWsWNCX6

Key Upcoming Dates

June 26: Awards & Graduation Celebration
June 30: Reports cards available in www.al-haadi.ca
August 1: Online registration for 2022/23 starts for returning students & students entering Grade 1
August 15: Online registration starts for new students (Grades 2-12)
Sept. 11: First day of 2022/23 classes (inshaAllah)

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to admin@al-haadi.ca.


Fatima Khimji    &     Amjad Datoo
Principal                     Vice Principal

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