Achievement of glorious feats is through performing noble deeds.” Imam Ali (as) reference: al-islam.

Salaamun Alaykum and Eid Zahra Mubarak to all

Alhamd….we have now completed 1 full month of Madrasah!
Classes (virtual classes) resume on Sunday, Oct. 17th.

This update includes:

1. Muharram / Safar Challenge Due on Oct 17th
2. Celebrate Birthday of the Holy Prophet and make it count!
3. Key Upcoming Dates
Student Council/Challenge Zone – encourage child(ren) to get involved

  • Muharram/Safar Challenge due Oct. 17: see pg. 39-40 of Student Planner posted in

Birthday of the Holy Prophet  –  Class challenge
In this month we celebrate Eid Zahra as well as Holy Prophet’s and Imam Sadiq’s birthdays. In that spirit we are encouraging all students to show the spirit of the month by participating in the following ways:

  • Virtual Background: Have a virtual background during the class with your video on that has show cases the birthday occasions of the Holy personalities we are celebrating
  • Girls: wear green shelas/scarves
  • Boys: wear white Kanduras/Kanzus and /or caps

Each student who participates will get mashAllah stamps
The 2 classes with the maximum of students will get additional awards/stamps

Let us celebrate Rabbi-ul-awwal with a blast!

Key Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 17: Muharram/Safar Challenge due
Oct. 24: Milad un Nabi Celebration and class challenge

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to


Fatima Khimji    &     Amjad Datoo
Principal                   Vice Principal