Achievement of  glorious feats is through performing noble deeds.” Imam Ali (as) reference: al-islam.

Salaamun Alaykum,

Al-HAADI AGM  for the year 2019/2020
Notice of Al-Haadi AGM was sent out last week. ALL must attend. The session will be via Zoom on Saturday Nov. 28th at 1pm. Save the Date.

Date/Time: 1pm Saturday Nov 23, 2020
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 891 4810 1853
Passcode:  701538

While donating online mention Al-Haadi and your child’s dinyat class eg (AH D3B) under additional notes so we can track Al-Haadi donations by class.

Why Yemen:
The United Nations describes Yemen as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with 80% of
the population reliant on humanitarian aid. (Source: Reuters, Oct 2020) and 12.2 million
children are in need of humanitarian help (Source: UN, Oct 2020).
Since 2014, the people of Yemen face constant bombardment by the Saudi-led coalition.
Access to food, clean water, and medicine is becoming scarce.

How can Al-Haadi support the children and families of Yemen:
Donate here to help support lives in Yemen through The Zahra Foundation.The Zahra
Foundation is targeting aid in Yemen, with the help of its partner on the ground, Share Aid
Yemen, to these areas in need: Sana and Al Hudaydah, with a key focus on the following
vulnerable villages of Sawa’an, Al Juraf, Al Hassba, Bani Al Harth, Al Safia and Hezyaz.

Report on all the Zahra Foundation’s activities including Yemen up to last Mahe-Ramadhan is here.
They are also accepting khums for this cause and will issue you a tax receipt for all donations.

Alhamdullilah, the online classes are going well.  Students and teachers are getting used to the online interface and we are building on the experience since March to conduct quality classes. Many thanks to students who are keeping their videos on during class as it enhances the learning experience.  Some students, however, are not turning on the video and not responding to messages during class hence it is difficult to know if the student is following the lesson. Parents are requested to remind their children to turn on the video.  Starting this Sunday, if any student is not able to turn on the video, s/he needs to send a message to the teacher (only) via the Chat option, at start of class, explaining why the video cannot be turned on so that an alternate method of maintaining contact throughout the class can be sorted out. Please let your children know about this.


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Shelina Dhalla    &     Fatima Khimji
Principal                    Vice Principal

Al-Haadi Study Centre