Achievement of glorious feats is through performing noble deeds.” Imam Ali (as) reference: al-islam.
Dear Parent, Students and dedicated Volunteers,
Salaamun Alaykum,

Kindly read the entire update.

Alhamdulillah, we had a very good start last week as we commenced our new year at Al-Haadi in a completely virtual environment – ALL Thanks to Our Very Dedicated and Hardworking Teachers and Admin Staff. Inshallah, we shall try and replicate ONLINE, the Sundays that we used to experience ONSITE – to the best of our ability. Lesson delivery is via Google Classroom and Live Zoom classes for ALL grades each Sunday.

Please continue to give us your feedback.

FUNDAMENTAL TEST for Grades 5-12 This Sunday September 20th during class
Students of Grades 5-12 will need to be logged on to Zoom and Google Classroom at the same time to complete the “closed book” Online test. Please ensure your child does not refer to any material while answering the questions.
Study material is available on Page 52 of the Student Planner which can be found on our website under DOCUMENTS. Please ensure that your child knows the fundamentals. Anyone that gets a failing mark (under 60%) will be required to re do the test in term 2 after having studied the material)

QURAN : 10:45- 12:00noon (grades 5-12 only)
1200-12:30 BREAK
DINYAT : 12:30 – 2:30pm (including Salah)

QURAN : 11:00- 12:00noon (grades 1-4 only)
1200-12:30 BREAK
DINYAT : 12:30 – 1:30pm or 2:00pm (grades 1-2 will end earlier- the times include Salah)

Al-Haadi ONLINE Registration is CLOSED
Late Registrants (everyone that signed up after the deadline of August 23rd) are requested to visit for weekly updates from Admin until the weekly newsletter list is updated.
For next year, parents are earnestly requested to register in August and to adhere to deadlines please.

Parents sessions that took place for Grades 1-4 and 5-12 can be viewed at under documents on the Home Page

Google Classroom Invites
Parents and Students, make sure you/ your child has accepted the google classroom invites to both Dinyat and Quran. ALL Zoom Invites and parent communication by teachers will take place within the google classrooms. Classwork and assignments as well as ALL announcements will be posted on google classroom.

We are recruiting volunteers who want to help make a difference, if you are not currently on our team and are interested in volunteering as teacher or admin or occasional helper please send an email to Feel free to ask others who may be interested. Training will be provided. Join us for a rewarding experience.


Shelina Dhalla & Fatima Khimji
Principal Vice Principal

Al-Haadi Study Centre