“When Allah desires good for a person then He bestows opportunity for him to acquire deep understanding of the religion”
Imam Sadiq a.s Kafi Vol 1, Hadith 32

Salaamun Alaykum.

Reminder: Classes resume on March 19th at 10:45am.

Parent Workshop:
Topic: How to talk so kids listen, and listens so kids will talk.

Date: 2nd April 2023 at 12:15pm in the Marhaba Hall

Presenter Name: Nuzhat Fatema Hassanali RP (Qualifying).
Presentation Details: Helping parents understand the difference between helpful and unhelpful praise. Using alternatives to punishment to promote self-discipline. How to acknowledge Kid’s feelings using validation to improve communication. Opportunity for discussion after the workshop.

Charity Campaign Update:
Several have asked how they can donate to help victims of earthquake in Syria and Turkiye. Al-Haadi’s charity campaign in collaboration with Zahra Foundation has been updated with the addition of two packages to the webpage. Tax receipts will be provided by The Zahra Foundation. The following packages are now available via: https://zahrafoundation.ca/al-haadi/

– Water Aid
– Support for widows, orphans, and vulnerable people
– Earthquake Relief
– Karbala Orphanage Visit

The Karbala Orphanage visit package enables families to donate towards the Orphanage/school that some students and volunteers will, inshaAllah, visit in Karbala during March Break.

During checkout, please specify child’s dinyat class, e.g, D1A, D6B, etc. so the donations can count towards the class.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly send an e-mail to admin@al-haadi.ca.


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