“Opportunity is quick to pass on, and slow to come back.”
             Imam Ali (a) Mizanul Hikmah

Salaamun Alaykum.

Please note our school will be closed on Oct. 8 due to Thanksgiving public holiday …hope all have a wonderful long weekend. InshaAllah, classes will resume on Oct. 15.

MashaAllah, our Community Class, Grade 7 girls, and Grade11 boys did a wonderful play last Sunday as part of our Milad un Nabi celebration.  Many thanks to Sister Sadaf Athar Hussain for organizing the play and all our wonderful volunteers who helped with the event.

As a dedication to Prophet Muhammad (s) and Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq (a), we launched our charity campaign for this year which consists of each class collecting $520 in order to sponsor an orphan in Iraq; this translates to approx. $20 per student. InshaAllah, we’ll be able to start sponsoring orphans as each class has collected sufficient donations. Many thanks to all who have already donated.

This is the last weekend to sign up for Pizza program for Term 1 (Oct. – Dec.); see details below.

See “Community Announcements/Events’ below for training opportunities open to students, parents, and volunteers.

This update includes:
1. Pizza Lunch program sign up open until Oct. 8
2. Charity Campaign: Sponsor an Orphan
3. Key Upcoming Dates

Pizza Lunch Program – sign up open until Oct. 8
InshaAllah, we will offer a pizza lunch program on the following ten (10) Sundays: Oct. 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec. 3, 10, 17. Here are the logistics, based on the limited number of volunteers available to administer this program:
1. Cheese pizza, from Madani Fine Foods
2. Price = $1.50 per slice, hence total cost = $15 for a single slice on 10 Sundays or $30 for two slices on 10 Sundays.
3. Must signup for all ten days; cannot select specific days.
4. No refund after registration and payment.
5. No refund if student is absent on any of the days.
6. If there is a madrassah event consisting of lunch for all students on one of the above-mentioned dates or madrassah is closed (e.g. due to inclement weather), pizza will be provided on the next available Sunday after the program ends.

Signup and payment is via Event option by logging onto www.al-haadi.ca using a laptop or computer…the event function does not work on a phone or tablet.  Sign up is open until Oct. 8, 2023 so we can prepare lists and finalize quantity with vendor. Parent will need the family login id and password. Select the Event titled Pizza 2023 Oct-Dec, select the # of slices and make payment.  Save payment confirmation which will be sent via e-mail.  If you cannot find your family login, send an e-mail to registration@al-haadi.ca  with subject “Family id required”. If you have any questions about how to sign up, send an e-mail to admin@al-haadi.ca .

Charity Campaign: Sponsor an Orphan
We are very excited to launch our Charity Campaign for this year. Our goal is for each class to sponsor at least one orphan in Iraq.  The cost to sponsor an orphan for a year is $520, so this translates to a donation of approx. $20 per student. We will attempt to sponsor an orphan who is the same age as the students in the class, e.g., grade 1 to sponsor a 5 year old, grade 2 to sponsor a 6 year old, etc.  The organization will provide a profile of the orphan and updates so our students can connect and empathize with the orphan. Kindly support this initiative by sending a donation for this program.
Key Upcoming Dates

Oct. 8: Sign up closes for Term 1 Pizza lunch program
Oct. 8: Closed for Thanksgiving Public Holiday
Oct. 15: Pizza lunch program begins
If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly send an e-mail to admin@al-haadi.ca.


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