Achievement of glorious feats is through performing noble deeds.” Imam Ali (as) reference: al-islam.
Salaamun Alaykum,

A BIG THANK-YOU for the generous donations received towards Our Save a Life In Yemen Campaign, especially after the 15th Sha’ban programs at Al-haadi this past weekend.- Jazakallah, the Student Council worked really hard to produce the Yemen Video, and your generosity was extremely appreciated- See details of Our Save a Life in Yemen Campaign below including the new Leaderboard #BecauseYemenCan’tWait

We shall remain closed on Sunday April 4th for Easter Long Weekend and resume on April 11th iA

April 4th – CLOSED
April 11th – OPEN
April 18th – CLOSED
April 25th – Shortened Ramadhan Schedule
May 2nd -CLOSED for Laylatul Qadr Night
May 9th – Shortened Ramadan Schedule
May 23rd – Al-Haadi AGM and Elections at 2pm
Visit for details

While donating online mention Al-Haadi and your child’s dinyat class eg (AH D3B) under additional notes so we can track Al-Haadi donations by class.
Donate here to help support lives in Yemen through The Zahra Foundation.

You’ve probably seen images on the news or on social media of the worsening famine situation in Yemen. They are troubling. You can help..

Remember every $175 you contribute supports a family of 7 with clean water, medicine, food for 1 month. In the name of Lady Fatima S.A. donate whatever you can to help alleviate the suffering.

Donate online here and IMPORTANT: remember when you check out to enter ‘Al-Haadi’ and your child’s class (e.g. D3B) in the Additional Information section, so we can track donations by class.

All donations will receive a tax receipt.

The winning class will win a prize!

Yemen Fundraising Leader Board!

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Shelina Dhalla & Fatima Khimji
Principal Vice Principal

Al-Haadi Study Centre