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Salaamun Alaykum,

This updates includes:
1. 2021/2022 Registration
2. Book Drive Thru (and drop-off outstanding loaned books)
3. Upcoming Key Dates

2021/2022 Registration

Many thanks to all who have registered so far. If you haven’t done so yet, please register your children today. We need time to prepare Google Classrooms and other records.
Registrations after Aug. 28th will be considered on a case by case basis (if spots are available), will not be eligible for hardcopy books, and there is a possibility of missing one or more classes until records are manually updated.

1. A registration e-mail with login id has been sent to parent e-mail ids in our database.
2. Registration process for returning students is available at
3. Registration for new students: download a form from A child needs to be 5 years old by Dec. 31st, 2021 in order to register for Grade 1.

If you have any questions about registration, please send an e-mail to

Book Drive Thru – last day today to request hardcopy books
If you would like hardcopy of Quran textbooks for students registering for Grades 1-11, Dinyat workbooks for Grades 1-4, and/or a loan of Dinyat textbooks for Grades 5-11 students, please click here & submit the book pickup registration form today so we can print sufficient copies and arrange a drive thru at JCC (9000 Bathurst) inshaAllah, on Saturday, Sept. 11th. 11:30 am – 1 pm.

At the Book Drive Thru, parents of students going to grades 3-9 are also requested to return any outstandingTarbiyah storybooks or textbooks which had been loaned in 2020, prior to the Covid onsite closure.

Key Upcoming Dates:
Aug. 28: Register by tdoayfor madrassah & book pickup
Sept. 6-8: Invites to Google Classrooms will be sent to Student e-mail id if it was provided during registration; if not, invite will be sent to parent’s email id. Please accept invite to obtain zoom link to 1st class.
Sept.10th: Parents Info Session 9pm -10:30pm; see meeting room info below
Sept.11th: Book pickup drive thru at JCC (for pre-registered families only) 11:30 am -1pm
Sept.12th: First day of Class (Online via Zoom and Google Classroom for ALL grades)
Sept. 19th: Islamic Fundamentals test for Grades 5-12; see pg. 52-64 of Student Planner posted in for reference notes.

Meeting room info for Sept 10, 2021 Parent’s Info Session at 9 PM EST
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 932 9920 2295
Passcode: 4Success!

We look forward to seeing everyone again in September.

All our previous updates can be viewed at

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to


Fatima Khimji & Amjad Datoo
Principal Vice Principal

Al-Haadi Study Centre