Achievement of glorious feats is through performing noble deeds.” Imam Ali (as) reference: al-islam.
Salaamun Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah, we had a very good start last Sunday in a completely virtual environment. ALL Thanks to Our Very Dedicated and Hardworking Teachers and Admin Staff and the Parents who helped children access the classrooms. InshaAllah, we shall try and replicate ONLINE, the Sundays that we normally experienced ONSITE – to the best of our ability.

This update includes:
1. Classroom invites & parent/student info changes
2. Hardcopy book requests
3. Islamic Fundamentals Test – Sept. 19 (Grade 5 – 12 Youth Forum)
4. Student Programs
5. New documents on
6. Upcoming Key Dates

Classroom invites & parent/student info changes

All students should have received invites to Google Classrooms (GC) which are being used for announcements, lesson material, and assessments. Invites have been sent to Student e-mail id if it was provided during registration; if not, invite was sent to parent’s email id. Please ensure you/your child accept the invite to obtain zoom link for the class. If an invite hasn’t been received, check in spam/junk folder and ensure notifications are turned on google account. If you still cannot find the invite, send an e-mail to

Now that student info has been loaded in Classrooms, if you need to change the e-mail id, phone #, or other parent/student info, please perform both of the following steps:
Send a request to the Teacher via class e-mail id,, where x= D for Dinyat or Q for Quran, y=grade, and z=A or B per registration confirmation e-mail. E.g. is for Dinyat Grade 3, class B, and is for Quran Grade 7, class A. CC:
Update parent/student record in parents portal ( by logging on using family id, and selecting Registration on left panel.

Hardcopy Book Requests
All our books are available in softcopy format via the Google Classrooms. We are looking into the feasibility of conducting another Book Pickup/Drop-off Drive Thru in October, depending on volunteer availability and space at JCC (9000 Bathurst St.). If you would like hardcopy books, please click here and submit this form latest by Sept. 25 and we’ll confirm to the applicable parents when the book drive thru will be held. If you had previously requested books but could not pick them up, please submit the form again. Note that we will not be able to accommodate late requests and we expect parents to inform us prior to the book drive if their plans have changed and they can no longer pick up the books; this will avoid wastage of time, effort and cost.

Link to Book Request Form:

Islamic Fundamentals Test – Sept. 19

Islamic Fundamentals test for Grades 5-12 (Youth Forum) will be conducted during Dinyat class this Sunday, Sept 19th.
Study material is available in Google Classroom and pages 52-64 of the Student Planner posted
Passing mark is 80% + for Grade 12 (Youth Forum) and 60% + for Grades 5-11.
This is a closed book test; students will need to log in to Google Classroom during Dinyat class. and will need to keep video turned on… parents, please ensure your child(ren) comply with these requirements.

Student Programs – encourage child(ren) to get involved

As mentioned at the Sept. 10th Parents Info Session, we try to engage students via various Student Challenges. Parents are requested to encourage child(ren) to participate in the challenges.
1. Adventures of the Haadi Family weekly challenge: students must join Quran class within first
5 min in order to participate.
2. Student Council – Grades 7-12: Students who would like to be a part of Student Council team
and represent their class, or be a part of the Core Team, help plan events, and
learn/practice leadership skills should inform Dinyat teacher of their interest so the
Teacher can submit nomination form. Deadline to submit the nomination forms per class is
October, 1st, 5pm.
3. Muharram/Safar Challenge: see pg. 39-40 of Student Planner posted in
4. Community Service Award: see page 82 of Student Planner.

New documents on

a. Sept. 10th Parent Info Session slides & video (will be available by Sept. 19)
b. Helping Students (and Parents) transition back to a new Academic year by Sister Zahra Syed Khalfan, MA Clinical Psychologist

Key Upcoming Dates:
Sept.19: Islamic Fundamentals test for Grades 5-12
Sept. 25: Last day to submit request for hardcopy books
Sept.25: Mailing list updated to incorporate any changes made in parents portal and to remove email ids for parents who have not registered children for 2021/2022
Oct. 1 5PM : Grade 7 + Students to submit Student Council nomination form via Dinyat teacher.
Oct. 3: Parent/Teacher Meet & Greet (during class)
Oct. 10: closed due to Public Holiday
Oct. 17: Muharram/Safar Challenge due

Previous updates can be viewed at

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to


Fatima Khimji & Amjad Datoo
Principal                 Vice Principal

Al-Haadi Study Centre