“Opportunity is quick to pass on, and slow to come back.
     Imam Ali (a)         Mizanul Hikmah

Salaamun Alaykum,

We send our condolences to the Imam of our time, Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his re-appearance) and to all believers on the wafat of our beloved Lady Masuma Qum (may peace be upon her).

Many thanks to all parents who have registered for Oct. 2nd event. After dropping your child(ren) via Gate of Sadiq (a) Door #6, please go downstairs to Marhaba Hall and place your shoes on the left side of the hall so you can get them before going for Salaat. See details below.

This update includes:
1. Day 4 – Oct. 2
2. Oct. 2nd Parents Info Session and Meet & Greet
3. Key Upcoming Dates
Day 4 – Oct. 2

Quran Recitation Placements:  Alhamdulillah, we started placing students based on Quran recitation level last Sunday… this is done for Quran 2 period and will take a couple of weeks to stabilize. When students are dropped off, they should still go to the classroom per registration confirmation, based on age. Students in grades 5-12 who are not at recitation level 10 are being invited for weekday Quran Tutoring sessions.

Student Absences: to report a student absence, please send an e-mail to the Quran and Dinyat teachers using the class e-mail id, and cc: absence@al-haadi.ca.  The convention for class e-mail id is: xyz@al-haadi.ca, where:
x= D for Dinyat or Q for Quran,
y=grade, and
z=A or B per registration confirmation e-mail.
E.g. d3b@al-haadi.ca is for Dinyat Grade 3, class B, and q7a@al-haadi.ca is for Quran Grade 7, class A.

Note that even if you have sent the e-mail, you will still receive an automatic notification from the database due the system function; you may ignore the automatic notification.

If your child is not feeling well, please do not bring child to classes; keep up with the lessons/assignments via Google Classroom announcements.

Drop-off: at 10:45 am via Door #6
Pickup: Grades 1-3 from main floor classrooms starting at 2:15 pm; grades 4-12 from Atrium near Gate #6 at 2:30. Please arrange a meeting spot so there is no confusion.

Volunteers have other commitments too, so kindly pick up latest by 2:40 pm. If a student needs to leave early parent to send a note for Teacher and go to Coordinators’ desk for pickup.

Lunch: please review the guidelines in Student Planner and pack a healthy peanut/ tree nut free lunch to avoid impacting students with allergies; Tree nuts includes cashews, almonds, etc. Nutella and sesame seeds are also not allowed. We are currently not providing lunch but are looking into the feasibility of offering pizza lunch option in the future.

To avoid issues, kindly re-iterate to child(ren) that going to Salaam Cafe or other than designated area is not allowed during madrassah hours. The centre is a multi-use facility, and we cannot take responsibility if child(ren) do not stay within designated areas (on the floor with his/her classroom or the salaat area).

Cellphones:  Students are not allowed to use cellphones between 10:45 am – 2:30 pm.  If you have an urgent message for your child, call the office line at 905-695-1587. Teachers/Admin will keep the phone until end of classes if a student does not adhere to the no cellphone use policy.

Dress code: Boys – long sleeves & long pants; baligha girls: head covering and abbaya, no lipstick, no nail polish; see additional info in Student Planner.

Oct 2 Parents Info Session and Meet & Greet

We are looking forward to informative sessions on our programs and curriculum and how we can partner for success.  Sessions will be held at Marhaba Hall (ladies side), coincide with when your children are in classes, and you will have an opportunity to meet Teachers and Admin team. Refreshments will be served. If you haven’t done so yet kindly submit the sign-up form regardless of whether you will be able to attend or not so we can plan accordingly.

Link to Oct. 2nd Parent’s session sign-up form: https://forms.gle/xyvKyuEJKMZx8guH6

Key Upcoming Dates

Oct. 2: Parent/Teacher Meet & Greet (9000 Bathurst) 10 45 AM – 2:30 pm.
Oct. 9: Closed due to Thanksgiving Holiday

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly send an e-mail to admin@al-haadi.ca.


Fatima Khimji    &     Amjad Datoo
Principal                     Vice Principal

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