Dear Parents
Salaam Alaykum,

Al-haadi will be closed during the month of Ramadhan so our students and teachers can take advantage of the daily Ramadhan program at mosque.  We will resume classes on June 9th and June 16th.  Awards Day will take place on June 23rd from 10:45- 01:00pm at JCC Zainabiya Hall.
Honor Students from each grade will be recognized.  Personalized medals to be presented to grades 1-2 students.  Gift cards to be presented to ALL students present on AWARDS day.  Parents Save the Date June 23rd 2019.

Al-Haadi time change effective September 2019 is 11:00am – 02:30pm to accommodate our new dinyat syllabus

Turnout was extremely poor at AGM again this year, despite our efforts to reach out to the parents to attend.  We may NOT have this forum for parents in future.  More details to be shared on Awards Day and once the ISSC By-laws are amended. 


Volunteering in the name of Imam (a) is a very uplifting experience and during this very special month, it certainly gives any heart a lot of pleasure and contentment. Feeding those who observe fast is indeed an opportunity that all of us should jump to help with if we are able to.

Imagine the experience and feeling of being able to perform good deeds by serving a large and diversified community as ours, masha Allah. You do not have to help every day. We will work with your area of interest and the timings that you are able to allocate to us. However, when you accept an assignment, your commitment is required and counted upon. 

Training will be provided and you will be supported throughout. Why not give it a try!
I am looking forward to working with you.

Link to Kaneez e Fatema registration form:

With duas,
Zehra Dilawar Hussain


Shelina Dhalla     &   Fatima Khimji
Principal                    Vice Principal

Al-Haadi Study Centre